Friday, March 09, 2007

Irish (and one Glaswegian) music!

I made my way to the music portion of last night's Craic Fest festivities at Sin-E. While I was there to check out new music, I was also there to listen to Oppenheimer, who I last saw in November.

The line up was Michael Hargan, Noelie McDonnell, the Delorentos and Oppenheimer.

Anyhow, I'm now hooked on the fantastic-ness that is the Delorentos (Myspace here). Here's the video for 'The Basis of Everything,' but quite honestly I'm more taken with 'Any Other Way' at the moment (direct link to MP3 from their site here).

They're going to be out at of these days I'd like to go to SXSW. Hopefully, before I get too old to fully enjoy myself at events like that.

And while I'm talking about musicians from Ireland, a quick good-luck-slash-shout-out to Colin who'll be playing a gig in Belfast in the very near future.


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