Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Oppenheimer at the Cake Shop

The travelogue update gets pushed back once more because I decided to go see Oppenheimer last night.

(Oppenheimer on stage.)

(Rocky rockin' out.)

It was great. When I first started listening to them I thought, "Cool...I wonder how a live show would work out though?"

Well, it works out great is how. I want to go see them on Thursday but I have a sinking feeling tomorrow I may be working late. That's happened way too many times already. It's worse when you're trying to round up friends to go, but when you know people in med/grad school or people with a regular job trying to support themselves it's hard to call people up last minute to go to something. The solution? I need to make more unemployed friends with weird day schedules.

(Front/back of setlist.)

According to Shaun, they actually don't write out a setlist often so grab one while you can...if you do that sort of thing, that is.

Edit: Video for "Breakfast in NYC." Love the "Memento" reference (try to catch it).


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