Thursday, August 09, 2007

At last night's They Might Be Giants show at the Bowery Ballroom

The wiki has better info than my diseased brain recollection does.
(Attended by Kate, Marc, et moi. A bit of clarification, I know two Kates. Even more confusing, I know several Marc/Marks. For example, the fabulous Kate who was in attendance with me at this show is not the same as the fantastic Kate who attended Neko Case with me.)

During the "Phone Calls from the Dead" segment, John Flansburgh did Jerry Orbach. Basically, it was Orbach calling from the dead because he wanted his eyes back from drummer Marty Beller who had had an opthalmological emergency earlier in the week.

Cue offended girl standing behind us:

"That's not right! It's OFF-COLOR!"

I don't know if this joke works only in New York, because there are ads on the subway about how Jerry Orbach donated his eyes or corneas or something when he passed away and how we should all do the same, but it was a very "OOOOH SNNAAAAPPP," type of joke. I was laughing hard, but the offended chick just made me laugh harder. Especially because she was so insistent and so annoyed that it was just "too soon." No disrespect, but Mr. Orbach died in late 2004, I really think "too soon" is the least sensible of arguments to make against this joke.

At one point I overheard her friend/boyfriend trying to quiet her by saying something like, "You're freaking me out." To which the girl answered, "Well, I'm freaked, because that's just not right. It's not funny. It's just too soon, then man was a good man."

The best part was after the "Phone Calls from the Dead" segment, Flansburgh came back on-stage and riffed a bit with Linnell on some sight and seeing related jokes about how Marty now had a new sight on things which segued into a "They Live" reference about how Marty just saw "OBEY" everywhere and how Jerry Orbach will be having awesome fight scenes in a dumpster. All the while with the girl being absolutely flustered at the inappropriateness of it all. Highlight of the evening for me.

The other highlight was having the full band on stage for the first and second encores. I'd never seen TMBG live, listened to them since I was a kid, loved their songs and could singalong to a few, especially in my Dr. Dimento years they were always there, but I was hardly a superfan. I definitely did not know what to expect of a live show. It was great, I always love it when people onstage look like they're having fun performing and Linnell would sometimes get the "Wow, I can't believe this is my job" or "Hey, this song's kinda funny" smile/look on his face and it'd just be awesome.

Marc told me that he hasn't really seen them play before with a full band like that so I was glad I was lucky enough to catch them on what seems to be a not too common line up. Mark Pender on trumpet (had NO idea he played for TMBG...and since I'm not up to snuff on people who play horns info, I just knew him as Pender from the Conan O'Brien Show), Dan Levine on trombone and tuba (CUTE. I know, I know, but I'm just saying, he's got a cute older guy on trombone thing going on...yea such a type maybe doesn't exist, but Dan Levine made it exist last night. I kind of have a thing for dudes on "not commonly seen onstage at shows" type of instruments), and Stan Harrison on saxaphone (Flansburgh at one point said "and on saxamaphone" and I was all, "saxaamaaaphooooneee").


Anonymous MissPinkKate said...

HAA, yea, that girl was totally freaking out. OFF-COLOR, OFF-COLOR!

12:42 PM  
Blogger nabiya said...

Hee! I know! I was so surprised someone at a TMBG show would freak out over a joke like that! The weird thing was she was very emphatically not OK with it, yet at the same time managed to be a bit timid about it. I half-expected her to go out on a full-on rant against the band or something, but she just sorta quietly heckled, which was a little disappointing.

1:14 PM  

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