Saturday, July 18, 2009

Reflection on laundry day

Sitting on a plastic chair in front of the laundromat, I contemplated my current state. Headscarf tied around my head to keep my do fresh, check. That wasn't too bad, I kind of looked like Morris Day and his crew at the beginning of Purple Rain, so, you know, could've been a lot worse. But I remembered that I was also wearing a baggy Barsol Pisco promo tshirt, ill-fitting Scarface pajama pants (a picture of Scarface all up and down the pants with blinged out font saying "Scarface" and "Hu$tla" all over it. Fuck, yea). And old man slippers. I love old man slippers. All while reading a GQ. It looks like instead of blossoming into a woman, I'm slowly turning into that weird swinging bachelor uncle of yours who always smells of whiskey and Kools and sometimes randomly shows up at family functions with a new lady friend.


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