Friday, July 07, 2006

Sorry folks

Still trying to get regular Internet hooked up in my apartment. It's been crazy here. The fourth day in my new place a neighbor got robbed (burgled?), so it seems like my crime wave curse follows me to whatever I place I move. I got to see some CSI type crap go down though, if I had to put an optimistic spin on things.

I know being lax with postings can be the kiss of death for blogs, but I figure not that many people check this thing regularly anyway, but, since it's nothing without readers, here's some follow-ups:

But to Masaki who asked me if I liked BoA: Not really. Nothing personal, just not my style of music. She does do the whole catchy pop song bit real well that makes you wanna dance, so I appreciate her songs on that level and she's a real good dancer too. So I don't avoid her like the plague or anything, but I don't own any of her CDs. Interestingly enough, I knew folks who knew folks (the whole international school network in Korea is like some kind of crime syndicate I swear, everyone knows you or at least knows someone who knows you) that went to school with her, so there's like some kind of weird 2-5 degrees of separation between her and me depending on which friend you'd want to start with. But pretty much, in the early to late 90s if you went to an international school in Korea you had to know SOMEONE who was either on the verge of being signed by a record label, already signed up with some pop group on a record label and either doing well or just waiting in the wings or not doing well at all. I knew some people who did the whole one hit wonder route in what I like to call "The Pop Group Blizzard of the 90s."

Anyone from around then remember the whole fiasco where they had to prove these singers really were eligible to be attending international schools and not the regular Korean schools because if you had international school status they used to give you special preference for the Korean universities? Anybody have the Korean Education Board folks come to their school and look through the school records?

Anyhow, also to the Seoulite in Seattle, yes you can add me to your blog list. It's nice to know someone finds these ramblings "interesting" and "stimulating."

But once again, apologies about the slowness of getting my shit together. It's just been a mess.


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