Sunday, October 22, 2006

Ireland Travelogue 3

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Oct. 7, 9:31 p.m.

Ok, so I find myself at the Old Oak (pub recommended by John way back when this trip was still in its infancy) sitting between a half a pint of Beamish and a half a pint of Murphy's.

Shit, this journal's going to smell like alcohol. People need to learn to hold their liquor straight. The beer seems to be cheap too since the total came out to 4 euros (having dealt with some crazy ass New York beer prices before).

First, the Beamish. The texture of the foam is what I notice first. It's bitter b ut not in an unpleasant way...the super creamy foam is almost like a cappuccino, damn son.

The Murphy's has the same creamy foam going on but the taste and bitterness lingers a bit more. In fact, I think I still taste the Murphy's after rolling the Beamish around in my mouth.

Murphy's = smacks you in the back of the head.

Beamish = let's you know what you're getting into.

The question is which do I prefer? Hmm...they don't taste bad, but I don't see myself chugging either of these. Obviously though...we're not talking about chugging beers here. Huh...Gnarls Barkley just came on. I think I'm getting a beer belly.

The real dilemma is do you tip? I should ask or just leave this one euro piece and be all, "Oops, me and my whacky US-ian tendencies...I didn't know I left it there. Well, now it's there you should just take it."

Ugh, ok, now I'm getting full. This is why I stick with liquor. None of that heavy feeling. I've found though that beer is good because you get full before your drunk. With liquor, you're basically guaranteed to be fucked up before your stomach figures out that there's a lot of liquid in it and simply getting fucked up isn't really the end all to drinking if things like taste matter to you.

Chick bartenders are the same the world over: Skinny and dressed in as little as possible. Though I'm sure these ladies know how to do a proper pour.

Other things that are the same the world over:

The smell of garbage: It always stinks in the same way with a little weird wet funk of just turned.

Homeless guys: I walked past one today, and its the same X-treme™ B.O. of sweat and unwashed hair/beard that I smell in Manhattan. One time this one homeless guy managed to hotbox an entire subway car with that smell.

I also noticed that guys here smell the same. Not that I go around sniffing people...I just notice scents a lot...ever since I was little. Random fact: when I was I kid I used to sniff foods to make sure it was ok to eat. Anyhow, back to the thing about guys smelling similarly. I don't know if it's because maybe they all use Axe body spray (I guess here it would be Lynx?)...then again I don't know what the hell Axe smells like to begin with, but thanks to the Village Voice, I know that Constantine Margoulis loves it (what?).

Now the music's changed over to the Raconteurs.

OK, now I taste coffee in the Murphy's. This kind of changes things. Up until a minute ago I thought I was in like with the Beamish, b ut I might have to call it back and say we should still keep it not that serious and continue to see each other and other people.

Some dude got his ass robbed...should be careful about the ol' bag.

So, there can be only one. I think I'll go with Beamish just because it's something I Would not mind in my mouth more than once (...that sounds wrong). And as parting music, we now have U2.

Part 2
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