Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Worst dream I had for the first time in a long while

Another break from the travelogue to relay to you the horrific dream I had last night.

My home was broken into. In my dream of course. It was weird because it was my apartment that I reside in now, but somehow...bigger, because it managed to accomodate some family members and other miscellaneous folks and random furniture that certainly is not in my house.

Anyhow, I get back home from an outing with said family members and folks only to find the house has been rifled through. This baffled me because I remembered locking the doors (and the dream-door had around 5 deadbolt locks on it), but then saw that whoever broke in used drills and other tools.

I walked around the house looking over the damage trying to figure out what happened and for the most part was happy because it didn't seem like anything was missing, but then to my horror I realized the damn bastards had stolen my DC, Saturn and Genesis (which I do not have with me by the way) and the games that go with it.

I was incensed! I cried out for blood and demanded that we should contact the police though other cast members in my dream were convinced it wasn't that big of a deal and how would we recover that anyway? Most probably not. But I could not be consoled. I cried out that the dirty thieves could've at least stolen the damn PS2, at least you can get another one of those, but what was I supposed to do about my burgled DC and Saturn? Especially the games? A *modded* Saturn mind you...MODDED! Were these fellow players in my dream going to get me a Saturn, then fly my ass to Korea so we can stop by the Electronic Market and get someone to give us the modded hook up under the table? I THINK NOT!

Anyhow I jumped around and fumed a lot and was very beside myself the rest of the dream or at least what I remember of it.


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