Sunday, January 06, 2008

Late night/Early morning impulse buy

Oh, Lord. I can't believe I'm still awake.

So, after being beseiged by lomography this, lomography that, I went ahead and bought myself a Holga. I initially wanted a Diana+, but based on advice, decided to go with the Holga. An I don't know, it seemed like a better deal and would do what I wanted. The particular model I purchased comes with a built in flash and color filters and I really like the color filters aspect of some photographs.

I don't know, I used to be pretty happy about my digital camera, it seemed like a good a good idea. I could take a million pictures and not have to worry so much about processing it into real photos. In fact, I don't remember ever processing any of the photos I took with my digital camera. For preserving memories, it's pretty good as is. But the initial reason why I wanted to be able to take a million photos with abandon, without having to worry about buying film or processing it was because I wanted to be able to develop my ability to take some photos.

I mean, I think part of me is used to pointing and clicking enough to take careful photos now. Like I can fearlessly take pictures and can take them in a prolific manner. However, the funny thing is somewhere along the line of pointing and clicking hundreds of picture I kind of lost my sense of seeing what I was actually taking photos of. There's a lot more gut reaction of "Oh hey! Look at that! *click!*" rather than a "Oh hey! Look at that! *think, lineup, click*" and as of late I'm starting to worry that I'm beginning to lose even the "Oh hey! Look at that!" sentiment to begin with. I took a lot more pictures when I first had my digital camera, dragging it to every show, keeping it in my bag, just in case. Nowadays I forget it at home and I've started to think of it as a hassle to tote to shows.

I also used to be good about going to my favorite places to take pictures of them. That library that I love with the spiraling staircase that goes up a tower, the steampunk-ish subway stop...interesting structures and buildings used to catch my eye a lot, but not so much anymore.

We'll see what happens when I get a hold of the new camera in the next couple of days. I'm also very interested in film. I'm especially impressed with what I've seen of the Fuji Provia. I've seen some photos taken with it, and I have to say I've fallen quite in love with the color and saturation of them.

A part of me knows it's just another phase on what I've started to call my "ongoing mission to collect as many unnecessary skills as possible." And not to like, become good at them or something, just to know how to do it. It doesn't even have to be a skill. I'm a sucker for crap you put together. My favorite purchase from London? A paper Elizabethan Theatre. It's kind of ridiculous actually. I always have an itch to try and do something that involves some sort of making/creating in them. Whether it's my continuing farce in trying to be some kind of drawing artist of sorts, knitting, there was also a clay sculpting phase...the sad thing is my mom commented on this exact "hobby" of mine just yesterday. Oh God, and my resin model phase back in the day? I only completed one mind you. And it was very badly done as well. My mom had no idea what I was working on and walked in on me carving out miniature girl limbs and body parts and with equal parts amused and disturbed said with a sigh, "Look, I don't care what you do, just please don't let anyone see you like this. You look like one of those otaku pervs."

Anyhow, let's see what I can do with this Holga. It'll be interesting.

(Yes, yes, I'm working on the Les Savy Fav entry. It's not that easy weaving a tale, let alone recapping an evening when it took place between the hours of 2am and 7am OK? I'm getting exhausted all over again just thinking about it.)


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