Sunday, January 13, 2008

I need more days like today

After a veritable sleep glutton and lazy ass bastard I've been the past couple of weekends I had the first weekend without something hanging over my head so I decided to actually wake up in the morning and do something with the weekend. On Saturday I got up, made breakfast, ran some quick errands then went to a knitting party.

Today I got up bright and early at an amazing 10 am and woke up, Katya (my new Holga camera. I name things.), to come on a walk with me. I bought myself a nice brunch (a BANGIN' banana cream cheese-stuffed french toast) and a delicious passionfruit mimosa. As I sipped at the mimosa I realized, "Wow, the world does stuff before noon on weekends..."

As I took Katya about her paces, I saw some things, and for once I actually paused and enjoyed what I was looking at. It was nice. I need more Sundays like today's. I think I'll make it a point to do it every Sunday or at least do it twice a month or something. And now that I have a Holga I can really explore or something.


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