Sunday, January 13, 2008

Ha, another ad that I love

People sometimes see that I'm up at around 3 am on Sunday evenings/Monday morning and ask me, "What the hell are you doing up??"

I answer, "If I go to sleep, it's going to be Monday."

"Yea..." they say. "That's kind of what I mean. Don't you want a good night sleep before Monday?"

Then I explode into a rant: "No...n...NO! What the hell? Hell, no! That's the point. If you sleep, that's more time spent unconscious and THAT means Monday comes faster because you're not up enough for Sunday night. I'm pushing Monday back! I'm holding it at bay! I'm going to milk the last few hours as much as I can! The last thing I need is to fall asleep then after what feels like 5 minutes open my eyes to daylight and get ready for work. No! I'm not going down like that!"

Some people don't get this, so finally, a visual representation:


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