Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Why I'm not a fashion editor

Those of you who know me, know that I love colored tights. LOOOOVE. Maybe you don't know that. I don't own a whole lot, but always have a pair around. I couldn't contain myself recently and finally bought the shiny magenta stirrup tights they sell at AA. I just really wanted stirrup tights. I remember how much I hated them as a kid, but then I remember that I actually hated stirrup pants. Those were horrifying. They were basically sweatpants with footholders. Why? Because somebody looked at sweatpants and thought, "You know what? These are just TOO comfortable. Let's add something to make it awkward."? Anyway, I loved them so much I even made a reference to them in something I did for work. Yea.

What's the point? Recently I've been thinking about how else I can wear those tights, and I think I need to buy myself a pair of dayglo Nikes, some gold bamboo earring and maybe one of those hats I see dudes sell on the side of the streets with their own graffiti-type designs on them. Yea, seriously. I wish I was joking. Well, actually, I don't know, I think I really do want some fly dayglo Nikes. Maybe I can steal one of my brother's Air Force Ones if he's still got them.


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