Thursday, July 23, 2009

A catch 22...of sorts

I want it to be cool enough so I can pull out my hair dryer and see if I can turn my new short on the sides, long on the top haircut into a pompadour. I kind of want to blow it out on top and see if I can do that oil-slick black greaser type pomp, or at the very least get a Moz-like or Japanese-style regent perm height.

The problem is, for it to get that cool right now, there needs to be rain. And rain means hazy, steamy heat until the sky finally erupts in showers and then maybe you get a cool day or two afterwards. But all that moisture is going to be the death any height achievement. I guess if I could track down a strongass hairspray I can stave the effects a bit.

If all else fails, I guess I can comb and brush this out to see if I can do a Janelle Monae type afro puff pompadour.


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