Wednesday, July 22, 2009

It threw me for a "Crazy Loop," eh? EH?

I was doing my usual Youtube thing. Replaying some videos for songs I haven't heard in a while, but don't actually like enough to spend money on when I was listening to "Crazy Loop (Mm Ma Ma)". And before you say anything, it's actually a really catchy tune, ok =(? I am not above listening to some Eurodance, I grew up in Korea for crying out loud. To give a little bit of context here, Crazy Loop was this sort of Damita Jo/Sasha Fierce-esque alter ego for Dan Balan. You better know him as one of the dudes from O-zone. Yea, the group that sang that Numa Numa song (by the way, check out the Crazy Loop remix of Balan's "Sugar Tunes," a remake of "Dragostea din tei"). You're probably wondering how I even know of this song or why do I even like it, look, you're talking to someone who has androgynous/cross-dressing Bulgarian pop sensation Azis queued up in their Youtube favorites list. Anyhow, I was watching the video for "Crazy Loop" when I spotted a familiar face. OMG THAT'S TAMMIE BROWN FROM RUPAUL'S DRAG RACE!! Aw, everyone thought Tammie was so weird and such, but that was her charm! She was doing that whole loopy Hollywood starlet thing with her Faye Dunaway as Joan Crawford lips. Ooh, yes, Tammie was totally equal parts Joan Crawford and Bette Davis circa "What Ever Happened to Baby Jane."

There's Tammie Brown at 2:55 and 3:19 in the video. No embedding allowed, so you'll actually have to click through here.


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