Monday, July 10, 2006

"Listen up, boppers...there's word on the street..."

So, it seems like you can't ride the New York City subways nowadays without getting stabbed or just plain sawed in half. Now all we need is for crazy folk to be pushing people onto the tracks and some "vigilante" shooting up on the trains and the Time Warp to 1970s New York is complete.

Speaking of NY subways in the 70s, it looks like Netflix is sponsoring a free screening of "The Warriors" at the Big C.I. on August 2.

Now, can you dig this, suckas? There's going to be a freakin' "Warriors"-themed scavenger hunt happening prior to the screening. The winners get to chat with the cast and crew of the movie, and while that is infinitely cool, just being able to participate in this thing seems like it was be awesome on so many levels. This is such a New York type of opportunity. You can't do a "Warriors" scavenger hunt in any other place, it just wouldn't be the same.

Now, the main site is scant on rules but I managed to find this page, which seems to outline more of the rules. DRESSING UP IS REQUIRED. How can anyone say no to this? I'll tell you how, because I've asked around already and have only been met with dumbfounded and scared looks. challenge to you folks reading this is this: If you can get 7 more friends to join me in dressing up to participate in this, I would be ridiculously grateful. Why not ask people I actually know you ask? Well if I were to create a diagram of sorts, the people I know fall into three main groups. One of those main groups are folks who aren't in NYC. So we can eliminate that group for simplicity's sake. Now of the remaining group of folks I know actually residing in the city. We've got people who have never seen "The Warriors" and people who can't be bothered to dress up for a scavenger hunt.

There's a huge overlap between these two groups.

I probably could strong arm some folks into joining me on this crazy ass adventure, but I would hardly have the 9 required for a delegate. That is why...sadly...I'm turning to the Internet for this. Think of it as a chance to expand your social circle, it'll be fun. At least after this kind of sad "Modern Love" installation you should seriously be considering reaching out and touching more folks (not like that).

And fine, if this is too much short notice (considering the purported sign up deadline), if anybody is up for a roadtrip to Leonardo, NJ, we can go watch "Clerks". It'll be fun. Trust me. While your parents and Chris Hansen want you to believe that all Internet folks are out to kill and molest you, I'm actually a nice person once you get to know me. Being cooped up with me in a car on a roadtrip to New Jersey should be the least of your worries (do I have to reference the subway stabby spree once again?). I mean come on, I'm a female in her 20s, I should be more worried about you guys out there.

How serious am I? Well...fine if I had to prioritize, I'd much rather risk getting kidnapped and dumped on the side of the road trying to organize people to dress up like the Baseball Furies than trying to convince some folks to go play hockey in front of the Quick Stop.

Hell, if any chicas out there wanna be the Lizzies, that'd be so boss my head would explode.

Either way, even if I don't get to organize a team for the scavenger hunt, I'm most definitely going to the "conclave" on 97th and Riverside to hopefully grab some photos of participants before heading down to the screening.


Anonymous Ben said...

If it wasn't on a Wednesday, I'd be all over it.

5:49 PM  

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