Thursday, July 13, 2006

More on Sega

Following this post, here's some more interesting Sega info via Slashdot.

Here's an interview with former Sega president Tom Kalinske from The importance of marketing for Sega comes up in this interview also.

Other interesting points to note include Yuji Naka's supposed frustrations, Sega's origin story (started up by some American GIs), as well as the Playstation's. Kind of classic villain origin story actually if you think about it actually. Fine, fine, I'm not trying to pick on the Playstation, we've had some good times together too, but I'm just saying. Upstart thinks he's got the goods to join the big leagues, but the big league dudes won't let upstart play so upstart goes off on his own, misguidedly evil, way? I mean come on. That's totally classic.

It's mostly info from just one source, and a lot of it remembered through the hazy fogs of time, but nonetheless provides some pretty damn intriguing glimpses into what was going on at the time.

Here's the Slashdot discussion that follows.

And just to get even more meta for the hell of it (either that or I have a weird soft spot for nesting dolls), Slashdot says this was via Press the Buttons.


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