Friday, August 07, 2009

Heard something that was kind of sad

On my way home a couple of days ago, I was walking down the steps of the subway station when I overheard a lady behind me say on her phone, "...well you know, my ex-husband is real excited. He can't wait until his daughter is born next month. He's really looking forward to it..."

Aw, I thought. That's nice. She said it real matter-of-factly. Like I could imagine they were the type of exes who managed to remain friends because I don't know, maybe it was an ill-advised marriage at a young age, or they both realized they were just better as friends than husband and wife? Who knows...

"...Yea everything I wanted he went and found it with someone else."

Womp-wooooomp. It was a total downer. She said it in the same matter-of-fact tone that made it even sadder for some reason than if she'd sounded bitter or angry or something. Like it sounded so, "What can you do, life sucks like that," because of the distinct lack of emotion. Man, that's what I get for eavesdropping on people.

This seems kind of appropriate in light of that. Yea, you know it. It's Classic Hits on Youtube Friday. Actually, listening to this is what reminded me of that total womp-womp moment. Moving on the Lenny Williams after this:

Aw, hell. well since I have your attention, might as well put this out there too. Man, I love this song. Sometimes...sometimes I come home to unwind, and I'll turn this on and just lip sync to it, it's just so awesome. Though it's mildly ill-advised to listen to this on your own. Especially if alcohol is involved. One time, back when I loved all on my own, after cracking open a beer I danced around on my own to this. All emoting and shit as I lip synced to it too. And another time after a glass or two of wine, I picked up my roommate's cat and my own private slowdance time. Yea...

The Supremes next!


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