Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Oh, my aching bones

I was out at the West Indian Day Carnival Parade in Brooklyn and my calves are still sore from it. It's kind of sad actually.

My friend and I got there in the afternoon, getting off at Franklin. The MTA wasn't even trying to bother stopping at Eastern Parkway. We walked down the sidewalk (or tried our best to), only to reach a total bottle neck as people were dancing.

"Huh, that must be the party float. I don't think we're moving this spot."

My friend looks to see what truck was so special and goes, "Oh, hey! It's Elephant Man!...and Shaggy!"

So we backtracked and danced along the sidewalk to that particular float and finally stopped only to see the truck turn off. After that we stuck in one spot and continued to watch the parade happen.

When it finally was over I realized I hadn't gotten anything to eat. In fact, I'd only had coffee earlier and now I was starving. Considering the cops were trying to get people to close up their food stands, we had to act quick and ended up getting a deal with fire sale $5 plates of jerk chicken (me) and chicken curry (my friend).

Afterwards I figured we'd get ice cream from the ice cream truck, but my friend went, "Coconut Bake!!" and we looked to see a little table set up on the front lawn of an apartment building. I was game to try this. I was planning to share my plate of coconut bake and salt fish with my friend considering we'd just eaten about 2 minutes ago, but the guy misheard and made another plate. We apologized saying we only wanted one and started walking away, but he told us we could have the extra plate. We hung out in the yard that was now just a block party at this point with the parade long gone, eating and chatting.

It was fun, the weather was amazing, unfortunately I was also super tired and drained today...I could go for some more coconut bake.


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