Saturday, September 26, 2009

One more favorite artist to add to my list

So I'm flipping through my latest issue of Juxtapoz that caem in the mail, and omg...Rockin' Jelly Bean, just fuckin' amazing. This issue is also fully rocking my face off because they're also featuring one of my old-time faves, Takato Yamamoto...I'm not sure how wise it is to say Yamamoto's one of my faves considering the whole body horror tangent I went off in a previous entry, but whatever.

But, yea, I just wanted to share that. I know, so random. I really wish I would've been brave enough to follow the art path. A couple of months back I got to go to a free seminar/talk thing from one of my favorites, and it was just so cool. It was at SVA and as I watched the students file in (it was open to students and the public), it as like, "Damn, that could've been me in school."

The above is the story behind why I can't wear my white canvas Chucks to work anymore. You see, what had happened was, I'd rushed down there after work, and folks had actually brought in her artbook and stuff to get signed. I had no such thing, but I couldn't just bounce like that. I was all fired up and inspired and all that, you know? So I barely stammered out my "I...I'm a really big fan and it was an honor" to her before my brain went, "Your shoes...YOUR SHOES! And you even got a fatty permanent marker in your bag"

"Um, I don't have a book with me or anything because I, um, just came from work, would you mind signing my shoes??" I blurted out.

So now my shoes have "Just Fuk It" written on them, hahahahaha. I mean she signed it, and drew hearts saying "this is a reference to my earlier heart-shaped girls with their backs turned work," so it's all kinds of awesome, but I don't want to get called into HR because of this.

I had a friend weirded out that I still wear them at all and I don't get them bronzed or something. I don't know, it feels more proper. I asked her to sign my shoes, so I wear them because they're shoes. I don't know, keeping it real I suppose.


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