Thursday, September 24, 2009

Pecan sticky buns, roof party and life casting

So this weekend I made pecan sticky buns. They were ridiculously good. I'm immensely surprised at how well they turned out because I was convinced our oven was too quirky to bake bread products. For some reason I could never get my challah to taste right in that oven. It was either too yeasty or tasted undercooked. It smelled awesome though, just wouldn't taste right. Anyhow, the sticky buns came out soft and delicious and the whole apartment smelled like bread and cinnamon. I'm going to make some freakin' cinnamon rolls next.

I've been preoccupied with trying to buy half-gloves. I don't feel like laying down $50 for a pair from Patricia Field. I want something cheap that even if I spill alcohol on them and get a tear from dancing too hard or whatever, it's not going to be a problem to chuck 'em. Why? Because my friend Chris is having a rooftop party. This isn't too out of the ordinary because his roof parties happen pretty frequently BUT the invitation for this one sounds pretty ridiculous. There's promises of a dj and a live band. I don't know how that will all fit on this small roof, but this is a party that requires an outfit, so I've been trying to figure one out.

I really shouldn't be spending any money though. Not that I'm trying to buy a lot. I'm trying to track down these half gloves...maybe a over-the-top top (get it?) to go with my skirt (which I already own, along with violet tights and bright yellow high heels). I kind of want a statement headpiece too though. And I've already decided on added a layer of red glitter to red lipstick. OK, I admit, that bodysuit is definitely pushing the boundaries of "NO." I'm just saying, I'm going to dress the FUCK up. I can't believe I can't find half gloves at Ricky's. I might have to stop by Trash and Vaudeville. If not, maybe a costume store?

Speaking of costumes, I'm trying to set up a "life casting date" with my friend Tom. I'm trying to figure out what my costume will be for his Halloween party so I'm trying to see if I can feasibly make a mask using a mold of my face. The theme is Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. My costume from last year would've been good for this theme, but I don't want to repeat it. I have two ideas for Death, but I might try to rework the idea from last year and make it completely new for Pestilence.

Anyhow, I put out the APB on Facebook that I might need help with casting a mold of my face and Tom came to the rescue. I just have to promise to help cast his face too. My friend Dianne voiced concern that this could go horribly wrong and I'm nervous, yes, because I saw that episode of Rescue 911 where the art student chick got plaster of Paris stuck to her face and crap =(...that's why I asked for help. Anyhow, I thought her concern was hilarious because this mutual face mold casting does sound like something out of a French body horror film.

...I'd totally be in that movie as long as Gaspard Ulliel is cast my opposite. It'll be a Frenchy, artsy, sexy thriller type horror dealing with identity issues and a mild BDSM undertone thanks to hardening plaster on body parts and allusions to breath play when things start happening with the straws during the face casting climax scene. It'll be like Repulsion with a little mix of creepy obsessive need for control over an object of lust from Boxing Helena and May (Oh, shit, I just remembered how much this movie creeped me out when I first saw it because May liked Adam's hands, and I like hands and I was all "Noooo, I'm not creepy like that, am I??" But that's another story for another time).

Shit, that's actually starting to sound like a pretty decent movie, and with Gaspard Ulliel, mmmm Gas.........whoa, yea, OK if it wasn't already weird before, now it just did.

Anyhow, this costume needs to happen, so I guess I'll have to start trolling some thrift stores and costume stores before the Halloween rush happesn.


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