Saturday, October 31, 2009

My own F My Life post as well as some awesomeness

After years of wearing makeup and always being annoyed that I can't find just the right tone to match my skin, I find out while putting on my Halloween makeup that the prosthetic wax I'm using to hide my eyebrows is an exact match. F my life.

Speaking of F My Life, I need to buy that Wii Plus at Costco before they sell out and get my own version of Kanye's New Workout Plan (a wiifit ain't "$free.99", but what you gonna do) in the works. Seriously, I'm getting older and this metabolism wasn't much of a friend to me in my life anyway. I don't want to look like a fat scene girl anymore. Hahahha, I'm joking...I'm just fat.

Speaking of fat scene girls...

Last night I got to see The Get Up Kids. Fact: I have never seen them live before. It coincided with hey, I wasn't really in the States when I had first heard of and started listening to them. And even in college, it took me a while to figure out just what kind of music it was that I liked. I didn't know about this "emo" business until college. And hold on, before you start shouting and screaming, I specifically mean what was considered emo back then, not whatever the hell it's become now. To be honest, even concerts were a bit of a mystery to me. I loved listening to music, but it's not like I went to any concerts while in Korea.

Not that they didn't have any there, but all the bands and music I was beginning to like around the concert going age of middle-high school weren't even touring Korea, so it was tough to be all that enthusiastic about live music. I also didn't get stuff like small, local shows. Like now I could easily tell you about going to shows at Schuba's or the Mercury Lounge, etc. Even mid-sized venues like a Bowery Ballroom or Aragon Ballroom were a total surprise to me when I started going to shows in the States because any foreign band big enough to be touring Korea usually were the types of bands to play stadium-type shows. Like the Scorpions or something. That or festivals. Anything "alternative" meant dreaming of maybe going to Japan to go to the Fuji Rock Festival, but just a dream even though Japan was right next door.

I went to shows as often as possible, but it took me a while to figure out how to keep track of concert listings and in college, I tried to go as many shows as possible, but I was still trying to save cash. I do remember during an internship in New York one time, I was pouring through the free weeklies every week to see what shows were playing and got to see the New Amsterdams.

Anyhow, I was so happy I could check "see The Get Up Kids live" off of my list of things to do before I do. It was a long time coming. I'm pretty damn happy actually. It was the first show I'd been to in a while as well as being a sort of milestone. As I jumped and hollered along to lyrics I felt 19 again, ha.


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