Friday, July 28, 2006

This really shouldn't annoy me the way it does

So, I stopped by one of the library branches I frequent to get myself a new library card. Not only did I manage to misplace my old one, but I've been rockin' the old school maroon NYPL card for long enough. I wanted one of those nifty keychain thingamabobs.

Anyhow, I hadn't been in this particular branch for a while, and when I walked in I immediately remembered the poster I always see when I'm there. It's one of those "Read on, kids" type of promo things, except this one had Dream and Death.

Now, your assumption maybe that I am annoyed that they used "Sandman" characters to pimp reading to kids. Not at all, in fact, I could care less about that.

What gets me is that where the fuck is Destiny?

("Um, what about me guys?...I actually walk around with a bigass book all the time...")

I mean, Dream sure, he's like in charge of stories and has that library with every story ever written and all that. And yea, I guess Death is a super popular and easy to identify character...but think about it. Of all the characters, Destiny has a pretty freakin' obvious connection to books. And ok fine, maybe he doesn't have "kid appeal," but we're talking about a poster with no context whatsoever here. It's not like there's copy going "Hi, you might recognize us as Dream and Death from Neil Gaiman's popular work 'Sandman.'" No, this was a poster where if you weren't familiar with the series, you first thought might be, "So is this supposed to appeal to young whippersnappers? With a goth chick and Robert Smith of the Cure?" I mean come on.

Not that it makes me want to write my representative or boycott the NYPL system or something, but it's just something I notice. Should these really cheese me off as much as it does? Honestly, I probably shouldn't even notice it anyway. But I do and I can't decide if that's just plain sad or not.


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