Tuesday, November 17, 2009

It's Tuesday. The "T" stands for...er..."(t)Verklempt"

The "(t)" is silent.

So, recommended reading: A Memory of Wind by Rachel Swirsky (via Tor)

Oh, man, it's been a while since I've read a story that got to me like this one did. I actually crammed this read in at the end of the work day today while I was waiting for some emails and such and by the time I was done and had to leave I was still wrapped up in the mood and emotions of the world created by this story and I literally walked to the train station in a fog that I couldn't shake until I got home. And I'm not saying that just as a former middle school mythology nerd. It's just amazing and should be read whether or not you're familiar with the story of Iphigenia. Ugh, like it hit me in the gut so hard I almost had to barf. No, seriously. You ever had that feeling? You feel so much and so many things at once you actually feel nauseous?

I also finally managed to watch the "Wheels" ep of Glee that was on DVR. Yes, I fully admit that I'm a gleek. Kurt is my FAVORITE character and the scenes with him and his dad had me crying by the end of the episode. And I don't mean I felt like crying. I wasn't exactly openly bawling either, but I was all choked up and wiping tears that were welling up in my eyes. OH MY GOD, and when he was singing "Defying Gravity" during the diva off? I was sniffling like a little girl. (I'm embedding the Rachel/Kurt version, but I'm not going to lie, I looked up Kurt's solo as soon as the episode ended)

I'm rooting for you Kurt! You might've thrown the diva off for your dad, but you go on and get your own solo! It's sad how hard I'm rooting for Kurt's character because I love his character so freakin' much. Kurt's really the only character I've been rooting for since the first episode. I say I'm a gleek, but if you ask me, the show honestly started to become a bit disappointing the last couple of episode. The "this one's for all the losers and nerds" platform they'd been running on since the preview first episode totally had me waiting for this show. Instead, the constant ridiculous focus on Rachel and Finn and Quinn...and of course Mr. Schuester and so on and so forth was getting to be annoying since this "diverse" cast they'd pulled together were once again relegated to the freaks and geeks and minorities background players that you see way too often. Of course, that could always change. I understand with such a huge ensemble cast, it'll take a while to build all the story arcs. So that's why this "Wheels" episode was promising since I felt like we were finally getting there with more stories about everyone else for change. Oh, God...the last part? With Sue? And her sister?? Again, almost at the threshold of bawlin' my eyes out.

And while Kurt is my favorite character, and yes, he's just precious and sweet and I want to go shopping with him (he name dropped Alexander McQueen. Fuck, yea, and y'all know how much I loooove Alexander McQueen), it's time for your weekly CUTE BOY DETOUR!!

Since we're talking about an episode about Artie, I just wanted to get it out there: The droolage over Cory Monteith is overrated. Screw you guys, because Kevin McHale is where it's at...even if he was (is?) in some boy band. Don't judge me, as Kanye's rap in Kid Cudi's "Make Her Say" goes: "Hold up (Yea)/Born In 88(Word)/How Old Is That (Damn)/Old enough." Am I right, ladies, or am I right? Come on, I know there are other Team Artie folks out there. I read the internet. Just how cute is he?? Especially how his voice can get a little Kermit-y at times. Time for a Beatles scream: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!! Why, yes, I'm 26. Why do you ask?

I hope Artie and Tina make it through Fake Stutter-gate to be together =(


Back to seriousness, and stuff that makes me cry. I saw "Precious" this weekend. It was slightly underwhelming actually. Well, maybe underwhelmed isn't really the word here. I definitely was steeling myself for some hard stuff, so maybe I'd been ready enough. But the film makers also tried to keep some of the severe abuse off screen, which I think was an interesting choice since I'm sure they were plenty aware of how exploitative it could be to just hit people with too much raw stuff like that. Not that there weren't any moments where you'd suck the air in between your gritted teeth or feel like you had to turn away. I have to say though, that I didn't feel like crying until Mo'Nique's scene at the end sitting in the social worker's office.

I don't know if anybody reading this now remembers, but a while ago back when they were filming "Precious" I ran into the film crew because they were filming in my apartment building. I think I mentioned this before, but back when I lived in the heights (two different buildings), people would ask about where I lived and I'd be all, "ever watch any of those movies of New York in the 80s or something? And it'd feature some dingy walk up apartment? That's my place." I guess whoever was the location scout also felt the same way. It was INTENSELY weird seeing my previous apartment building. The stairs to the lobby, the surrounding streets, even the freakin' train station. THAT'S MY 1 TRAIN DYCKMAN STATION.

That was the other thing. I was talkin' with my friend Alexis afterwards, but it's like, these location scouts were obviously looking for very New York places, yet they set a movie somewhere in the 160s in Harlem, but blatantly show the Dyckman 1 stop sign. Come oooon, that's just sloppy as hell. It actually reminded me how in Cloverfield, the character managed to run underground along the subway tracks from some place like Christopher Street all the way to Columbus Circle in less than 10 minutes. Come oooooon.


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