Monday, November 30, 2009

I third degree burned myself on Thanksgiving

No, I wasn't trying to deep fry a turkey...

I was cooking sugar for a caramel sauce and in a string of events that I'm still not quite certain of the cause and order of besides me just being a klutz in general, the pot dropped, I got some droplets splashed onto me, and now I got burns. Nothing too large or bad enough to make me go to the ER (unless they suddely turn gangrenous, I guess), but yea, there's a little spot on my right cheek and slightly bigger patch and a sprinkle of burn dots on my right hand that are now totally itching and driving me nuts because they are healing. My right hand kind of looks like wound man for burns at the moment. There's white blisters, then one spot that looks like cooked steak...

I'm not even upset with the possible (ok, certain) scarring or about being hurt. I'm mostly just annoyed with how clumsy I can be. I was handling the pan thinking, "Be careful..." Yet, wham! I drop the pot. Unbelievable. Thank goodness I had the wherewithal to jump back and turn away in quite the "My face! My beautiful face!" moment. Anyhow, yet another addition to the cacophony of scars I seem to be accumulating upon my person.


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