Thursday, January 14, 2010


What to do, what to do...I'm getting restless. I could go for a weekend trip. This year will be the first year I haven't traveled out of the country. I mean, it's cold and crap, but I'm seriously looking forward to the long President's Day weekend. And instead of just rolling around the house, I feel like I should go do something. I'm thinking, in view of it being all "president"-y I should visit Philly or D.C. again. Hmmmmmm......anyhow, it's merely a thought that this moment. Depends on funds and other such things. Maybe California? Nah, too much money for a plane, though I'm totally not taking the bus down to D.C. again. I'm totally doing the train. My butt fell asleep and took about an hour to wake up when I took the bus.


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