Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Going down (musical) memory lane yet again

Chat logs aren't that hilarious most of the time, but this was too good to not save, because, you know...we're all so damn old now and our musical tastes are just so awesome (misspellings and bad grammar all intact):

me: I wanna see tpc again =(
they're so much fun and I'm going to get married to the keyboard player
he doesn't know it yet, but that's because it's gonna happen in the next five years
4:06 PM Steve: come down to atlanta, you can see them with me
me: why the hell are you in atlanta?
Steve: not yet
4:07 PM i'm going up for a weekend in octoba
me: octoba?
Steve: see the zoo, see the aquarium
yes it is my flippant way of saying october
me: I know I know, but..."octoba"?
Steve: and they have cool hotel that allows dogs
so i am bringing the pup and we are going to atlanta
me: have you heard tpc before though?
4:08 PM Steve: i have not
i am going to download them
me: it's way more fun if you dance/sing along
Steve: just like i am going to download some drive by truckers, who i am going to see this veekend
(another CLEVER spelling)
me: don't pay attention to hipsters who stand still and just nod
they play anthem-y dancey garage rock
4:09 PM Steve: badass
sounds fun
me: I think the fat dirty bassline the lead singer plays is part of that danceability...also the enthusiastic tambourine playing and shout alongs of the keyboardist helps
4:10 PM Steve: there is a small problem with this
me: what's this?
Steve: i also have to see angels and airwaves
me: aaannd?
Steve: and they suck
me: hahahhaa
wait is this the tour tpc is playing with weezer?
or is that just for new york?
4:11 PM Steve: yeah
me: oooooh
Steve: i didn't really want to go see weezer at all, but i'm going with some friends and they want to see weezer, so i'm seeing weezer
me: they did a cover of friendo at the sunday show to commemorate it
Steve: for the third time
me: haha I've never seen weezer
and the only reason I'm not going to see tpc again is because I'm not sure I want to see weezer live. Love them to bits, but I don't know
4:12 PM Steve: well
me: like the only thing to convince me to go is to drool at rivers cuomo in person, but yea, they're not particularly an act I'm itching to see in the flesh
Steve: they were fun the first time
i saw them with ozma and get up kids
me: oh MAN
it's like you're talking about FOREVER ago
Steve: hahahaha
the get up kids to this day are the only band during whose show i have actually fallen asleep
me: omg did like rites of spring play?
sunny day real estate?
Steve: hahaha
ozma was fun though
4:13 PM then i saw them with ozma (again) and saves the day
me: I'm saving this whole section of the chat
because seriously
Steve: and saves the day were abhorrent
hmm let's see
i can't think of any other funny shows i have seen atm
me: this is how old people must feel like when they say "kids don't know music today...it's not like when I'd see frankie vallie live
4:14 PM Steve: i could make up something about braid and the promise ring opening up for guided by voices but i'll refrain
me: or they complain about how elvis knew how to put on a show and all this hopping around and screaming isn't real performance or some bullshit
Steve: but i'm not complaining, weezer was never that great live
me: hahaha
Steve: actually i did see guided by voices
me: well that's why I never saw death cab for cutie live
Steve: and they were awesome
me: I'm sorry but I really don't think it's gonna be super exciting to see them live
Steve: i dig some of their stuff
esp transatlanticism
i dunno, rivers writes some fun songs, but they're not a fun band to see
4:15 PM he doesn't get into it, and he's still stuck in that whole disdain for his audience thing he's had since pinkerton bombed
me: I vowed never to see saves the day live after hearing them on david letterman or some other late night show
Steve: fucking christ it was like swabbing my ears with brillo pads
4:16 PM me: and like I actually liked some of their songs
Steve: ugh
me: but I was like "live? Never"
Steve: i went with this girl in whose pants i was trying to get
me: I especially loved the entire album of "In Reverie" actually
Steve: (how's that grammar bitch)
me: dude, weren't we ALL just trying to get in someone's pants when we listened to shit back in the day?
Steve: haha
me: I mean come on
Steve: yes we were
4:17 PM me: there was no fucking flirting or foreplay
Steve: it was just "yeah, i'd love to go see bright eyes"
me: it was shit like *adjust studded belt* "Uh yea, like, I can't believe so and so left subpop records and signed with a big label...."
Steve: haw
4:18 PM "yeah, i mean, i know he's still got the talent, but there's this great indelible something that he'll never be able to recapture now. you wearing panties?"
me: and shit like "Yea, I really really like identify with Conor Oberst, but when I think about you and write these thinly veiled lj entries about you and how much I like you, Cursive's "Rhyme Scheme" is what comes to mind..."
Steve: man
4:19 PM i wonder what percentage of men at a bright eyes show are there so they can fuck the person they took there
i bet it's close to cher levels
4:20 PM me: I think it's equal to the number of guys who listened to metric and will never admit because they girl in that band was really really hot and it was all about the music
Steve: i listen to metric but it is at least partially because she is so hot
me: which also equals that of guys who go to rilo kiley shows with the sad sad hope they will sleep with jenny lewis
Steve: it is good pop though
me: oh it is
4:21 PM Steve: i've almost been there too
me: but I'm just saying, let's not lie about ulterior motives
Steve: jenny lewis would jump at the chance to bone me
me: oh yea
right after rivers cuomo gets in a threesome with me and conor oberst
river cuomo likes asian chicks...he'll dig a half asian...right? right? it'd be like going on a diet...Asian lite
4:22 PM Steve: haha
anyway i am going to see drive by truckers, mates of state, motion city soundtrack and a bunch of other bands this weekend because i knew a foo fighters song from 1994 on the radio
me: ha sounds like fun. Also this is getting posted EVERYWHERE I can post
4:23 PM because I was practically crying by the "indelible something or other" part
Steve: hehe
4:24 PM there is a high school cheerleader in my office
i am confused
4:25 PM me: IT'S A TRAP
4:26 PM Steve: thx admiral