Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I've been waiting WAY too freakin' long for this.

I'm still in the "let's wait to see where this goes" mode for Glee since I'm still on the fence about how the show has presented itself as a show about diversity and the underdogs, yet we see covers like this. I'm still trying to give it another chance and all that. So it was kind of interesting how the first ep handled the idea of dealing with reality after great expectations, whether with the glee club kids seeing how life hasn't really changed since they won sectionals and both Schuster/Emma and Finn/Rachel dealing with the realities of being in a relationship after the implosion of their relationships. Sort of how my whole let down with some of the realities of the show after the first excitement. Seriously, we need to get a Mercedes storyline (And not one where she's basically just "Mmm-HM honey chile"-in' her way through it. Oh God, I'm already in a cold sweat imagining that.) soon or else I'm gonna have to throw down.

Either way it's only the first episode, also it was all worth it to see Kurt and Sue Motherfuckin' Sylvester vogue. I practically died.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Late check-in

So a little while back I said I'd check in around March about all the crap I said I'd do more of, or at least get started doing.

Languages classes have been going good, actually. So much fun. I think if I had my druthers I'd just take language classes the rest of my life. I've already signed up and started my 104 classes, and I think if I just applied myself a bit more, I can see some good results by the end of the year.

Beyond that, while I've found places for belly dancing, I haven't been able to sign up for a class yet. Mainly because these things aren't scheduled that well for someone with a shiteous work schedule as mine. While I was assured I'd be allowed to leave early enough for my Japanese classes if I wanted to take a weekday class, I knew from experience that it was just tempting fate, and I wasn't going to risk missing out on a single class that I was paying on with my own money based on a what if. Dance classes would be more flexible though, since it's more like a punch card system. However, my worry would be going through a week or two of not being able to attend class which would suck. Either way, after we push through a really grueling next month and a half, hopefully the dust will settle enough for me to figure this out.

Drawing...ha, yes not happening. Again, a terrible work schedule getting me home around 8-ish on average (if I'm not leaving the office at 8) has made it a bit difficult. I'm hoping though, that with the warmer weather, it might be easier to check out some meetup groups based around drawing. Or at the very least the weather will be pleasant enough for me to walk to the Art Student's League without much trouble.

Besides that...I don't know. I think I'm about to set into motion my "Escape from New York" plan. It's about time I left town. Or more specifically, the country.