Thursday, July 01, 2010

Hello the internet

What's been going on so far? Let's see, I'm moving to East Bushwick. Ugh, whole long uninteresting story behind that. At the very least I'm still on the L-line which shouldn't make work commute too headache inducing. However, at this point I'm lived in way too man boroughs for my own comfort. I swear, when I hit the lotto, the first thing I'm doing is buying a tiny studio/one-bedroom so I never have to worry about moving again.

Quick rundown of life so far in actual chronological order/stream of consciousness: Kicking ass in language classes (I'd be kicking more ass if I took time to study), visit from the brother to this fine city, attended a wedding (not my own, don't freak out), student loans all paid off and I'm free from the yoke of paying this shit off every month (which means maybe I can finally seriously explore the possibility of going back to school?), found myself trying to explain to people how to apply make up during an Yma Sumac retrospective, ate rainbow pancakes in an apartment in Chelsea and got to the Pride March in time to see Lt. Dan Choi, moving to Bushwick (oh, God. The hipsters...THE HIPSTERS), and thinking about styling my next course in life to reflect Russell Crowe's body of work.

Confused? Me too! But don't worry, I'm hoping this will all make sense sooner or later.