Thursday, December 31, 2009

No, I don't do Times Square on New Year's Eve

After spending some "restful" days with the family over Christmas, I got back in town yesterday. I wasn't really sure what I was going to do for New Year's Eve. I figured I'd either be at home or just jumping on to any random party invites I'd get once I was back in town. However, the roommate asked me if I was cool inviting people over so we decided we'd stick around the house and see if anybody wanted to show up.

It was a little last minute, so I kind of doubt if anyone would show up so late in the game and on top of that, it's snowing like hell, so I'm kind of glad I didn't decide to venture out anywhere.

Anyhow, need to hop over to the store. I decided I'd whip up some Devils on Horseback and Spinach Dip, maybe a pork and manchego thing Bittman wrote up about and see what else the stores have to offer if they're still open. I hope we can watch the Graham Norton New YEar's special tonight and DOCTOR WHO MARATHON TOMORROW!!